Joey Jett: Street Skater

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Joey Jett has been skating since he was six years old. Five months after receiving his first skateboard at a yard sale, he won his first competition at Charm City Skatepark.  Young Joey continued competing for the next few years winning several competitions including a huge contest in Philadelphia at age seven where he met his future mentor Mike Vallely. Joey skated until he was 11 and then took a break from skating to pursue other interests.

At age 15, Joey returned to his passion with a new focus. He switched from vert skating to street skating and video production. Joey is currently skating with Mike Vallely’s Street Plant Team and touring most of the United States and overseas. Joey is currently ranked 18th in the world of all-time YouTube Teenage Skate Video views with over 350,000 views. His second video,  “The Process” was just released in February with amazing shots of Baltimore/Washington DC scenes right from the first shot.

Joey continues to gain a large social following from fans all over the world. In addition to US stops, he will be touring this fall in Europe and then Asia in the spring on 2018.